Municipal Council


The elected Council of the Rural Municipality of Cornwallis is comprised of four Council members who are elected under the ward system and a Reeve, who serves as the Head of Council and is elected by the Municipality at large.

The roles, duties and areas of jurisdiction are governed by an Act of the Provincial Legislature known as The Municipal Act. The Province has developed a useful resource for Manitobans about local government at:

Reeve Sam Hofer 

Cell Phone:

Councillor Sam Hofer – Ward 1

Home:  204-725-1770
Cell:  204-573-7002

Councillor Kurt Wasserberg – Ward 1

Home:  204-763-4357
Cell:  204-761-4599

Councillor Bob Brown – Ward 2

Home:  204-725-4674
Cell:  204-729-7557

Councillor Emil Egert – Ward 2

Home:  204-726-1615
Cell:  204-761-1118