Touring Scenic Southwest Manitoba

Riding Mountain National Park

Located 100 km (60 miles) north on Hwy. #10

As one of Canada’s 34 National Parks, Riding Mountain provides visitors with an opportunity to interact with wildlife and learn a little bit more about the natural wonders of the area. There are over 400 kilometers of trails marking the park’s diverse landscape. One can travel through mystical boreal forest, picturesque aspen parklands, vast open grassland and wild prairie meadows. The park offers interpretive programs, camping and picnic sites. Clear Lake is the main waterbody and the townsite is Wasagaming offering a variety of tourist amenities.



Located 47 km (28 miles) southwest of Brandon on Hwy. #10 and Hwy. #2

Souris boasts Canada’s longest suspension bridge that was built in 1904. Measuring a length of 177 meters (582 feet), the swinging bridge is located in the heart of the town and adjacent to the Hillcrest Museum. During your visit to the town, be sure to test your luck at rock hounding in the nearby Souris Agate Pits where the largest varieties of semi-precious stones exist in North America. Victoria Park and the Souris Bird Sanctuary are a relaxing way to spend a day. Be sure to visit the Old Oak Tree and the town’s friendly peacock!


Spruce Woods Provincial Park

 Located 65 km (39 miles) east on Hwy. #1 and Hwy. #5

Explore the mystical "Spirit Sands” of Spruce Woods with towering sand dunes of up to 30 meters in height. This desert-like region is surrounded by stands of spruce trees and offers many interpretive hiking trails to unique places as the "Devils Punch Bowl” – a pond formed from a system of underground streams. You can also enjoy visiting the "Spirit Sands” by a guided horse-drawn wagon. The park offers a variety of other activities including camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing in the winter.


Turtle Mountain Provincial Park

 Located 90 km (54 miles) south on Hwy. #10

This park is designed with the recreational enthusiast in mind and visitors will enjoy exploring the region by foot, bike or horseback. An extensive trail system includes some paved portions as well as natural pathways to such places as the "Turtle’s Back Summit”. Canoeing across the cool, pristine waters of the many lakes is also a popular activity along with snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the winter. Turtle Mountain also offers numerous campsites located around Adam, Bower, and William Lakes.



Located 45 km (27 miles) south of Brandon on Hwy. #10

As gateway to the International Peace Gardens, Boissevain is an inspiring community of living colour and often noted as the town with the "Outdoor Art Gallery”. 25 hand-painted murals can be found on a variety of local buildings throughout the town, which depict the area’s history, culture, and lifestyle. While in Boissevain, be sure to visit "Tommy the Turtle”, a 28-foot statue representing the annual "Canadian National Turtle Derby”, as well as the Beckoning Hills Museum and Moncur Gallery.



Located 51 km (30 miles) east of Brandon along Hwy #1

Experience "King Spud Country”, the town that is known for its extensive agricultural production of potatoes. Situated next to Spruce Woods Provincial Park, visitors will discover the wonders of the "Spirit Sands”, a desert like region marked with a variety of interpretive trails. The Carberry Plains Museum explores Manitoba’s past from its earliest settlements to present day life. Also be sure to visit the Seton Center which explores the life of Ernest Thomas Seton, the world famous naturalist, writer, and artist.


International Peace Gardens

Located 90 km (54 miles) south of Brandon on Hwy. #10

This is the world’s largest garden (2,339 acres) that is dedicated to peace. It shares a border with the United States and Canada and offers visitors the chance to walk amidst a flourishing garden of flowers and scenic landscape stretching 2.4 km (1.5 miles). At the end of the walkway lies the Peace Tower 36.6 meters (120 feet) tall with four columns representing the Four Corners of the earth. The garden also features the Peace Chapel, the Carillon Bell Tower which chimes every 15 minutes, a variety of water fountains, the sunken garden and Arboretum.



Located 108 km (65 miles) south of Brandon on Hwy. #10, then east on Hwy. #3

Killarney is truly an Irish town boasting a green fire truck, a blarney stone and a leprechaun. Situated on a lake, the town offers a mix of recreational opportunities year round including swimming, boating, hiking and fishing. Be sure to visit some of the historic buildings including the Heritage House and the J.A.V. David Museum.



Located 48 km (29 miles) north of Brandon on Hwy. #10

Minnedosa is nestled around a beautiful lake offering a mix of recreational opportunities year round. Be sure to visit Minnedosa beach, a perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon. Along the lakeshore, enjoy the town’s Historic Walking Tour that explores the early beginnings of the area. Visualize the great glacier that once covered the area and its meltwaters that carved out the valley. The tour also includes one of the town’s newest attractions, a 35-acre bison enclosure.



Located 75 km (45 miles northeast of Brandon along Hwy. #10 and Hwy. #16

Experience the "Lily Capital of the World” and the colourful splendor of the "Lily Nook”. Neepawa has more varieties of lilies growing than any other place in the world and is truly a city in bloom. The best months to visit and see the flowers in bloom are July and August. Neepawa also boasts the Margaret Laurence House, now a provincial heritage site and living memorial to one of Canada’s most famous authors. The Beautiful Plains Museum is also an interesting place to visit offering three floors of pioneer exhibits and artifacts.
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